The Phoenix Project was begun in the early 1950s, when nuclear Armageddon seemed inevitable. Completed in secrecy, the Project was an ambitious plan to save the human race by establishing a new colony on a distant world. The Phoenix launched on November 15, 1961, and travelled for years before coming to a G-type star at the edge of the Pleiades cluster supporting several Earth-like worlds. The one best suited to Human life was named New Eden, and a colony established there. Three generations have lived on Eden since the arrival. Life is hard for the colonists, made more difficult by strange phenomenon and alien travelers. Heroes are needed to defend the people of New Eden!


Children of the Phoenix is an “Outer Space Contemporary” setting for Villains and Vigilantes. The characters are all third generation colonists who have settled on a world hundreds of light years from Earth. While it is permissible to play an “Alternate Universe” version of yourself, as someone who grew up in the colony, it is presumed that characters will be made up. Players are encouraged to discuss their mutual history and background – there are only a few thousand colonists, and everyone has to work together for the colony to survive.

Please take a moment to examine our Character Creation Guidelines.

As an additional note, Children of the Phoenix is meant to evoke the wonder of early Silver Age comics. The old Comics Code is in full force. Rape, torture, murder, and criminal behaviors are not appropriate for any player-character, no matter how bad a day the player might be having.

Children of the Phoenix