Dr Miles Avilan

Mastermind behind the Phoenix Project


Dr Miles Avilan was the genius who first conceived of the Phoenix Project. Born in Paris, in1896, his family emigrated to America prior to the First World War, and his first act as a newly minted citizen was to return to France to fight in the trenches of No-Man’s Land. When his term of military service ended, he became an electrical engineer for the Western Union Telegraph Company, and began in his spare time to develop his own theories and ideas regarding electricity, physics, and the nature of the universe. He published his first scientific paper in 1926 at the age of 30, and had achieved a measure of renown in the field of high energy nuclear physics by the time America entered the Second World War in 1942. However, since 1936, Avilan had been secretly in contact with advanced beings from another world, and had learned from them the secrets of faster-than-light travel. By the end of the Second World War, with tensions between the United States and the Soviet Socialist Republic already mounting, Avilan became convinced that the secrets he had learned would only be misused if he revealed them to the world as it was at that time, and that, if the Human race was to survive, it would be necessary to safeguard the species, far from the destructive wars which ravaged the Earth.

Avilan began recruiting a think-tank of experts throughout the late 1940 and early 1950, and with the help of unknown investors, began to undertake the massive engineering project from a secret island location in 1952. Avilan was in declining health, when the Phoenix Ark was finally ready to lift off, and declined the opportunity to leave Earth with the other settlers, reasoning that he would not survive the trip. However, with the help of Tran Ng Nguen, who would later develop the RING automaton system, a portion of Avilan’s intellect was preserved through electronic recordings, to eventually become the New Eden master network guidance system, FATHER.

Dr Miles Avilan

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